Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy

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Regular consultation with Morebeng is provided to monitor progress, ensure that the correct procedures are followed and relevant policies are implemented.  Our consultancy services will embrace Legal aspects, risk management, occupational hygiene and Environment management.


Safety Health Environment Provisions.

The company has the skill in providing all the requirements of legal compliance in the work site according to the requirements of the two Acts, i.e. Occupational, Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the Mine, Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996 respectively. We specialise in the following amongst others:

Training the SHE Rep.

  • Training on Company and Client Induction.
  • Development of the SHE File with SHE Policy and SHE Programs.
  • Development of SHE Fall Protection Plan.
  • Development of Safe Work Procedure.
  • Site Inspection and Audit,
  • Incident and Accident Investigation.
  • Identify Hazards and conduct Risk Assessments.
  • Assist in Housekeeping, Scaffolding erecting and Daily Toolbox Talks.



Morebeng will conduct Baseline Audit on companies to ensure that they comply with Safety Health and Environment standards of major risk areas. This will identify problem areas from which a need analysis will be drawn up to outline the procedures that the company should implement to manage its risks effectively.


A Grading Audit will also be conducted periodically to determine the company Safety Health and Environment risk management excellence. The Grading Audit will also identify future problem areas which can be addressed though consultation and training.


Mission Statement.

  • To provide for the health and safety of persons at work and for the health and safety of persons in connection with the use of plant and machinery

  • To provide for the protection of person other that persons at work against hazards to their health and safety arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work

  • To provide employment to diverse labour who will be respected and fairly treated, irrespective of nationality, gender, culture, custom, tradition and religious belief.

  • To stop and correct the unsafe act and condition.


Vision Statement.


To promote the company grow in lips and bounds in all its business dealings.

  • To provide quality job for the value of money to the client.

  • To take reasonable care of the environment at large.

  • To form sound working relationship with other service providers in the industry.




    SHE Policy.


    Morebeng management regards its people as most valuable assert and as such, places the highest priority in protecting them and the community affected by its operations. The Management therefore undertakes, within the frame work of all applicable legislation, codes of practice, guidelines and the best practices within our country and the world over, and as per OSH Act 85 of 1993 and the Mine, Health and Environment Act 29 of 1996, commits itself:

  • To assure and comprehensive safety, health and environment practices.

  • In achieving the above, the management will foster unity with all involved in our business dealings, including the Community.

  • Each employee becomes part of the company SHE Policy.

  • The policy program will always be linked to the business of the day, with all its standard, requirement and specifications according to the client.

  • To initiate awareness programs on SHE programs through continuous Toolbox Talk meetings at wok sites.

  • Identifies hazards, do risk assessment for term preventions.

  • Promote safe work procedure amongst its employee and others on site.

  • To promote hygiene as cleaning is next to godliness.

  • To support medical fitness at work site.

  • Be protective on HIV/AIDS and support related awareness programs.



The company is always open and readily available to provide whatever information which is in line with its business dealings, not the one which may end up compromising it in competing with others in the same interests. In case of emergencies, only the company management has the sole right and the responsibility to provide whatever information to the media.



It is always the responsibility of the management to lead the company into greener pastures, to market and lease with all stake holders willing to assist in persuarance of a sustainable and progressive development. The management is again there to support the Labour Act and the Bill of Rights amongst others. Training, development and exposure is a backbone of successfulness and therefore the management supports it, and the employees will be continuously be trained on the actual job.


The employees are there to do the right thing for the sake of unity at work sites in order to achieve positive results, which will see them raking the fruits of their toil. Labour, skilled, or not, is there to be readily available for continuous assessment, training and development.


Worksite Access.

The access of the work site is the sole responsibility of both the client and the service provider (Morebeng ) as such client specs will be taken into serious consideration when offered a business opportunity. All necessary steps will be taken to prevent client, employees and visitor’s life to be endangered at work site. Visitors will be required to provide personal details when on site, both for their own safety and security.


(HIRA) Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Management.

As all employees are very important to the success of the company, including the client and visitors, the company will do all to identify all hazards, conducting the risk assessment for corrective and preventive measures


Client Requirements and Specs.

In its provision of service, Morebeng will do all in its power, also in consultation with the client, to perform the task/ actual job in a reasonable manner and in accordance with the client specifications and standards. 


Emergency Preparedness.

All employees, both  from Morebeng and the client, important as they are, are to be exposed in emergency preparedness in case there happens to be one. The company will lease with the client and reconcile the two emergencies and train all on site about it.


Training and Development.

All employees, irrespective of management or labour will be required to go through continuous training to make sure that they are able to do their job safely, and that will be achieved by involving the recognised service providers in the market at the time.



As a small business supporting the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, Morebeng Projects is properly positioned to do business with all available clients in the business world. The company only requires to be offered an opportunity to prove its point.